Business Activities

Business Activities

Our oil operation, ENEOS Group core business, is characterized by the comprehensive operation system, extending from crude oil production to sales of petroleum products. In our oil operation business, 3 main activities are as follows:

1.Marine Transportation Service

Crude Oil Tanker
We own a fleet consisting of VLCCs (Very Large Crude Carriers, with a DWT of around 300,000 tons) and Aframax tankers (with a DWT of around 100,000 tons), and strive for the safe and stable transportation of crude oil.
LPG Carriers
We are pioneers in the international LPG shipping business, having constructed and launched our first Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) in 1966. Since then, making use of our experiences, we have been able to provide safer and more reliable transport services.
Chemical Tanker and Product Tanker
We own a wide variety of chemical tankers with DMTs of between 5,500 and 33,000 tons, which provide transport services for chemical products, oil products and lubricants. We also provide transportation using petroleum product tankers, which are known as MR (medium range) tankers with a DWT of around 4,500 tons.
Bulk Carriers
We provide bulk cargo transport services for transporting mineral ore, coal and lumber. We also have a fleet consisting mainly of Small Handy carriers with a DWT of around 30,000 tons, which handle resources such as North American timber, copper concentrate, and nickel ore in long-term contracts, and also products such as steel, construction machinery and fertilizer.

2.Operation Management

We operate and manage crude oil tankers under the control of the ENEOS Corporation, along with other ships and carriers.

3.Safety Management

We control safety management for all ocean-going ships at terminals held by our group companies during berthing/un-berthing and cargo operations.

4.Overseas Business

We opened a representative office in Singapore in 1961. Establishment of a joint venture with a local partner followed and, for over 50 years since, we have been expanding into many maritime-related businesses with Singapore as our foothold.